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Belt and Hose Replacements at West Valley City, Utah's Best Automotive Repair Shop

One of the most common causes of vehicle break down

Belts and hoses are extremely important to your vehicle. They are one of the most common reasons for vehicle break down. To help prevent this, make sure your belts and hoses are checked at regular intervals. An easy way to remember is to have them checked every 3,000 miles or with every oil change. Back Shop Auto in West Valley City, Utah will check belts and hoses with each car maintenance inspection.

Serpentine Belt Replacement

The Serpentine belt, also referred to as a drive belt, is a very crucial part of the engine assembly. Most modern cars and trucks utilize a serpentine belt which took the place of the old-fashioned V-belts. The belt works with the idler, serpentine belt tensioner, and accessory pulleys to drive nearly every accessory at the same time. It provides power for the air conditioning, alternator, power steering, air pump and sometimes the cooling system's water pump. That being said, it is obvious that the serpentine belt is a critical part of any modern engine.

Over time, heat and friction will take their toll on all rubber belts and hoses. belt damage might also be be due to pulley misalignment and/or slippage caused by loss of belt tension or a weak automatic tensioner. A vehicle's drive belt will eventually need to be replaced at some point. Here are signs your belt needs attention:

  •  Squealing noises coming from the engine compartment. This is usually caused by belt slippage or misalignment.
  •  Power Steering and/or A/C not working properly. Because the serpentine belt drives the pulleys for your vehicle’s power steering pump and air conditioning, a broken serpentine belt will cause those systems to fail.
  •  Engine overheating. Because the serpentine belt also powers your car or truck’s water pump, a broken belt will almost immediately cause the vehicle to overheat. This can cause more extensive damage to the motor.
  •  Glazing, cracking, peeling and/or softening on the belt. It is a good idea to inspect all belts from time to time to be sure they are in good shape. Cracks across the ribs of the serpentine belt are the most common indicator that the belt has reached the end of its life span. If you notice any cracks, missing chunks, separations or damage of any kind, it’s time to get the belt replaced.
  •  Oil and/or dirt build up on the belt or the pulley grooves. Engine oil on the serpentine belt will cause it to deteriorate faster than normal. Get any leaking engine seals or gaskets replaced if they are leaking and keep any oil and/or debris away from the belt.

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