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Muffler and Exhaust Systems in West Valley City, Utah's Neighborhood Automotive Repair Shop

Broken or loud muffler and exhaust system?

Has your car been making a ruckus lately? If your car is noticeably louder, rattling when driving, or you are experiencing a loss of power it is likely you have an issue with your car exhaust and muffler. Call Back Shop Automotive in West Valley City, UT for an expert evaluation. We'll have your car back in top shape in no time!

What your exhaust system does and why you need to take exhaust system maintenance seriously!

You vehicle’s exhaust system is a complex system of parts that help siphon noxious odors and gasses from your vehicle, quiet the noise of your engine and reduce the car’s impact on the environment. A telltale sign that you may have a problem with your exhaust system is if you can’t hear the person next to you or need to crank the radio to hear. But there are signs other than just loud noise that give warning that need to get your exhaust checked. Odors, for one, are a key indicator and mean you should get your car in right away. Also, if you feel yourself drowsing at the wheel, there may be gasses seeping into your vehicle and you should have your car checked right away!

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